Monday, 30 May 2011

Holly Bobs.

So I have not managed to blo for nearly a month, which is not good, but I have a very valid reason. We have been on our much needed/deserved holidays. We decided that we would take J on holiday and attempt a relaxing (hmm!!!) holiday in Spain.

I have to say the idea of a 2 1/2hr flight with the little monkey filled me with dread, but after spending a billion pounds in the airport on toys and snacks for him, we managed to get through the best part of the afternoon relatively unscathed. We did have a couple of mini melt-downs, but he was brilliant.

I think we have managed to do everything that the Costa Del Sol has to offer a 1 1/2yr old and have come home comletely exhausted, but rejuvenated at the same time. Plus I have to say the Spanish were amazing with the little man. He even manged to coax a smile out of a couple of very stony faced security ladies in the airport on the way home.

I have to say that I am really glad we went and had an amazing time, but am pleased to be home and back to our creature comforts.