Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Green Fingers?

So this week we thought we would try a bit of gardening. I attempted to salvage my somewhat dried out/dead herbs and Si took on the beast that is the garden. All in all it was a successful attempt, aside from the herbs. I managed to "napalm the rockery" as Si put it and managed to prune every bush and plant within an inch of it's life. And as you can see Baby J has taken to it like a true little professional! I don't think he gets his green fingers from his mum! I just do not seem to have an ounce of talent for the garden in my body. I pull up plants and let the weeds run rife, because they "have pretty flowers on them". Not good when you have ripped out all of the perennials and have dead headed the roses, which did not need doing. Plus this week I managed to learn what happened when you gave something root shock. I don't think the tree will survive now! Oh well it was good quality time spent as a family, even if Si had to spend most of the time rectifying what I damage I had done! Oops!

We thought that we would embrace the Easter week trying to become one with nature. J has become the very proud owner of a watering can and several gardening tools and to be honest is doing a better job than us! Aside from a couple of tumbles and a very long paddy about not being allowed to eat the compost heap ( how unreasonable we are as parents!!!) he has had the time of his life.

We unfortunately (only for us!)  managed to introduce him to the hose pipe. Big big big mistake!! Grandma took her life into her own hands whilst tyring to film him watering the patio, the car and himself with the water. She survived pretty much unscathed, however the garden took a bit of a battering! J looked like he had been showering and went into a terrible melt down when took the hose off him. He then preceeded to jog around the garden with 2 adults chasing after him to try and dry him off, which he was not best pleased about.

Easter this year was truly wonderful filled with family and friends. I actually think this was the best one so far. J is big enough to enjoy the actvities, to an extent, and abviously likes to eat the chocolate (who doesn't??), but for me it has been a really amazing time. I had the priviledge of my beatuiful cousins company for the weekend and a wonderful meal out with my gorgeous hubby and his family and a lie in until 11.30am!!!! Yes I repeat 11.30am!! Woo hoo! It was like being in my twenties again. Plus I managed to sneak in a little baking with some hot cross buns which went down famously. Plus Si made one of his amazing pies.

So the question is does it get any better than this? The answer is no. As long as I stick to the cooking and the house and J and leave the garden to the experts!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Baking Embargo

Phew, what a week!

We have managed to squeeze in a birthday, 2 birthday parties, a major family visit, a picnic, 25 miles of walking, a cooking class and several meals out. I feel like my mind has just caught up with my body!

It has been a brilliant week. My maternal Grandmother is visiting from down south and we have been celebrating her arrival and belated birthday, along with my gorgeous hubbie's birthday too. I have managed to use this week as an excuse (though do i really need one?) to do a spot of baking. I have managed to make a total of 6 cakes and 2 breads. Brilliant. I have loved it. Our store cupboard is groaning under the weight of all the baked goodies and the freezer is packed. However, my poor family are all caked out. My darling hubby has laid down an embargo for a couple of weeks until we manged to chomp our way through a fig and honey cake, a carrot cake, apple spice muffins, garlic bread, cheese and chive bread, peach crumble cake, chocolate cake and a gorgeous poppy seed and lemon cake. I can feel our waistbands expanding as I write this! To make things worse, I keep seeing delicious recipes everywhere and am dying to try them all. For example I am desperado to try and make a sticky toffee pudding recipe that I picked up the other week. I wonder if I can use Easter as an excuse?

I do see his point though. Poor J has taken to saying cake and shaking his head (though I do want to point out that we do not feed our little man with cake everyday or very often)! There is sea of cake and we are trying to sail our way through it. Maybe we do need a week off from baking sweet treats so that we can work our way through it. Though I am now getting itchy fingers and am dying to get back into the kitchen and bake. I wonder what I can throw myself into?

I know, Pie anyone? I'd better make some more room in the freezer!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Here we go!!

So I thought to myself "How about starting a Blog?" It seemed a great idea. Somewhere to keep a diary of things that are happening whilst the little man is growing up and somewhere to share my thoughts and ideas. Brilliant! Or not. You see I am a complete and utter technophobe. Computer lingo fightens me half to death and I have absolutely no idea what a URL is, even though my computer keeps on asking me for one for my destination!!! AAARRRGGHH! It got even worse when the computer asked me to update my cookies!?!?! How did the computer know I was having a snack???It took my hubby about twenty mins to explain that it is part of the computters hard drive. All I can think is "What am I doing?"

About a month ago, I started to think that I should do something to utilise my brain cells and drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. I realised that Baby J would be able to work more electronic equipment by the time he was 3 than I could as a 32 year old! Not good, especally when he goes to shcool and needs help with his homework and projects. As a result I decided to get on the world wide web and start utilising my computer to its full potential, or at least half a percent to start with! I kept surfing ( see I am trying with the lingo) and browsing (getting cocky now!) and could find nothing other than recipes and shopping to do online. It was then that I stumbled across blogs. "That's it!" I thought. A perfect place to keep a record of our comings and goings and somewhere I can ramble on without making other people's ears bleed! So the question was how hard could it be to set up a blog? Answer: not very.

Now I am not going to be working for IBM anytime soon, but I really enjoyed setting up the blog. Choosing the name and the page type etc. It took me a hefty three days but I got there in the end. I know this must be easy for most people, but for me this was really quite hard. I think I am going to really enjoy this. Its helping me to utilise my brain again and I feel like I am blowing the cobwebs away, that have been gathering for the last 2 years.

So here's to the new Cakey Bakey Blog! Here we go!!!