Thursday, 9 June 2011

Animals, Shoes, Brrmm.

So for the last week J has been on a one man mission to get us to go to the zoo. After a lovely weekend in Wales and a visit to the Welsh Mountain Zoo and Chester Zoo, I think he has aquired a taste for all things Zoological! He has proceeded to follow us around the house from the moment that he wakes up, until he goes to bed , saying "Animal. Shoes. Brrmmm." He even managed this morning to get my car keys and attempt to open the front door!!! Even now whilst he is in bed, I can hear his full repotoire of animal noises being shouted over and over again. Brilliant! I have managed to visit three seperate animal enclosures in the last week to try and fulfill his animal reuirements, but to no avail! I am thinking that it might be another trek across Cheshire to visit the zoo again.

Whislt I was on my quest to cook something "new and intreresting that we have not had before" for my boys, I thought of an excellent idea. What about making J and Si an animal themed menu ( and before you point out that meat comes from animals, I mean in sense of puddings and shaped/named foods)? I came across an amazing recipe on The Pink Whisk for Monkey Bread. Fantastic in all of its yummy, sticky, toffee, cinnamony goodness! So here is the plan. Take J to the zoo at the weekend and then pack a Zoo themed lunch.  So all I have to do now is come up with a few savoury Zoo inspired dishes if I can do that then I think that it could be a success!

So Zoo here we come!